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Game: 2

-14 LP

Hello again Summoners,

In this matchup, I played Irelia against a Wukong top lane, where I took flash and teleport and Wukong took flash and exhaust. The exhaust in the early game really degraded my kill potential and damage and it also allowed me to get caught out during ganks against Vi, their jungler. I died a few times during lanes and Vi ganked me under tower on multiple occasions and sadly we lost that game.

However, before the game even started, I accidentally dodged in champ select and I lost 3 LP so that brings me down even further. In this game I went with the build order of:

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Ninja Tabi
  3. Frozen Heart
  4. Titanic Hydra
  5. Spirit Visage
  6. Guardian Angel

My final score was 9/15/13 which is pretty horrible for my standards, with an ending cs score of 265 after 46 minutes. Wukong’s ending score was 16/14/18 but he only achieved 151 cs. All I want is for my LP to go up, but sadly no…




Game: 1


Hello again summoners,

In this matchup, I played Irelia against a Yorrick top lane, taking flash and teleport as my summoners. Sadly, Yorrick took flash and exhaust, so early, I had no possible kill potential. Yorrick got the first kill in our lane on me as he reached a level 3 advantage over me and just simply swamped me with his abilities and little creeps.

My ending score was 7/7/12 and we were successful in defeating the enemy team and coming out on top, to destroy their nexus. The Yorrick ended up going 3/10/2, he made a few mistakes haha.

This was my build order in that game:

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Ninja Tabi
  3. Frozen Heart
  4. Titanic Hydra
  5. Guardian Angel
  6. N/A

I hope to play quite a few more games today to possibly reach Gold 5. I am currently sitting on 50LP in Silver 1 and hopefully I’ll get +25 on both of my next wins!



Ranked Gameplay

Ranked Statistics

From now on, after every ranked game that I play, on either account, I will be giving you all the details about the match-up and progression of the game and how much LP I lost or gained. This will show my progress in climbing the ranks and it will allow me to see where I have to improve, as well as allowing yourselves to see how I play.

The last game that I played finished around 3 hours ago, and I was duo queuing with my mate Francis or ‘6Fazza9’. We successfully won that game, with my kda reaching 5/2/5 as Irelia, and his score 2/5/4 as Master Yi. You might be able to say that he got carried a little bit by my ass haha. I might play one more game tonight, however it is quite late, being 12:20am on a Saturday morning.

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