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Ranked Gameplay

Ranked Statistics

From now on, after every ranked game that I play, on either account, I will be giving you all the details about the match-up and progression of the game and how much LP I lost or gained. This will show my progress in climbing the ranks and it will allow me to see where I have to improve, as well as allowing yourselves to see how I play.

The last game that I played finished around 3 hours ago, and I was duo queuing with my mate Francis or ‘6Fazza9’. We successfully won that game, with my kda reaching 5/2/5 as Irelia, and his score 2/5/4 as Master Yi. You might be able to say that he got carried a little bit by my ass haha. I might play one more game tonight, however it is quite late, being 12:20am on a Saturday morning.

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