YouTube and Video Production

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to start up my YouTube Channel again so I can start getting more reputation and get myself out there so everyone can see my work! Just for everyone’s information, I play Irelia in the top lane, Vi in the jungle, and Vayne on ADC. I’m not very good at support or mid lane just yet, I need a little more practice to play in ranked.

Over the next month, I’m hopefully going to send out one video per week on my ‘MooGamer’ youtube channel over @ . There’ll be a beginner’s guide somewhere in there, some gameplay of just myself, maybe get some of my friends on there too, I don’t know, it’ll be great fun!

I’m just going to start it for fun, see if it gets me anywhere, slowly climb up in subscribers. But if it all doesn’t work out, I’ll keep uploading videos just because I can haha!



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