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Riot finally focusing on, Urgot

It has been officially announced, on the Riot Support page that in the upcoming months, Urgot will finally get what is deserved from his painful existence throughout the summoner’s rift…


Along with Galio and Evelynn, Urgot – The Headsman’s Pride has been officially presented on the Riot Support page as one of the next upcoming reworks of this year, well hopefully. Now let’s go a little in-depth with the whole strange, modulated concept of a bio weapon humanoid that is Urgot shall we?

So Urgot is a Noxian Marksman who bases his damage off of mainly his Q and his E, so he is a spellcaster. Most people play this champion top lane, and effectively, is one of the most annoying champs you could ever go up against in your entire life. Yeah, in theory Urgot should be able to smash lane and pull enemies out of teamfights all of those good concepts, but in reality, none of it works properly. He is a lack luster champion with no special mechanics or movement or anything for that matter, except for one CC, and he is no fun to play whatsoever. He first came out in 2010, and since then, he hasn’t been changed, and he was still horrible back in those days as well, you barely see him anywhere. One of the designer’s at Riot, DanielZKlein, even states that “The rework is needed much more now that this awful to play against champion is so popular.We do not rework champions because they are weak or unpopular. We rework champions because they are bad for the game”.

Over the years, Riot has been trying to get some time in to rework Urgot, but for some reason they just haven’t got around to doing it. There are two design teams at Riot, Team Alpha and Team Bravo. Team Bravo was originally doing the Warwick rework, but now since he is complete, they have finally moved onto Urgot. However, I have been researching forums and the boards recently and found a post by “Riot Meddler” the lead champion designer published in 2013. He states As a result we’ll be doing some work on Urgot’s kit next year, experimenting to find out what we need to do to preserve (or enhance) the cool aspects about him, while fixing the problems that lead us to nerfing him heavily in the past”. Do you think they worked on Urgot’s kit the next year? Nah, they waited another four years after that post went public.

Even players from the League of Legends community assisted in the new development of Urgot, but no changes seemed to occur. An example from ‘ZephyrNightstorm’ from 2014 states certain ability changes or new updated spells. There are countless posts about Urgot and his rework all over the boards and other community sites.

Well, its finally happening this year, the new development of Urgot and his kit. He’ll also be going through a series of visual appearance updates as well, which will hopefully not make him look like a viscous blob of rotten flesh.