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Dottie’s Ocean Week Art Entry

My girlfriend, Dorothea Rose Fattorini Bartlett, decided about a week ago, that she will produce an entry for the Ocean Week Fan art contest! I gave her the idea of course but surprisingly she decided to go along with it and actually draw something that I would submit in her name. Here is what she created:


Now everyone, it would make her so happy to be able to make it onto the shortlist for her little drawing here, so when the time comes, could you please all up-vote “Im the sunshine” or “Dorothea Bartlett”in the Ocean Week Fan Art contest! I hope everyone’s doing well and that’s all from me.



School? Not now…

Oh well, it’s the end of my 6 week holiday, back to school again tomorrow. It’s felt like it’s gone past so quickly, I haven’t had time to settle down in my own bed haha! One day I’m out camping and then a few days later I’m down chilling at a beach house for a week. It’s been pretty crazy!

I’ve been alongside Dottie this whole holidays and she makes me so happy whenever we’re together. She starts a day after I do which is a bit slack but that’s okay I guess… it’s just an extra 6 hours of extra effort I have to put in than she does 😦

Well, I wish everyone out there, and myself, the best for this year and I hope everyone goes well and performs their best and achieved what they’ve been striving to do all their life! Only 200 more days of school to go.


Girlfriend and League?

A few weeks back, my girlfriend, out of the blue, suddenly questions me about the game I play (League of Legends) and I tell her all about it. She continues to follow up conversations about it and she gets very excited to actually start playing with me! This sudden realization made me very happy and she’s successfully reached the amazing level of 9.

As of the current days, my girlfriend Dottie, thinks Annie is the best in the game, and she believes she “smashes with annie”. So I let her play how she wants, guide her through the game, as well as giving her pointers on items and farming creeps etc. Hopefully one day we’ll both be happily duo queuing in ranked and reaching Gold 5 at some point haha!

We’re about to pump out a full on gaming sesh after I post this, it is going to be so fun! We’ll take some pictures and maybe even a recording I can upload to YouTube or just to this blog so everyone can see it 🙂


Welcome Summoners

Dear summoners,

My name is Rain Holloway, but for those who see me as my online identity, I am known as ‘MooGamer’. I’m a student in Australia, playing League of Legends in my free time, while also advocating a majority of my life to being with my beloved girlfriend and making her happy. I’ve been playing league for around 3 years now, since S4 to now, in which is S7 at this point. Last year, I managed to climb to the ranks of Gold 4 and I was rewarded with the disgusting looking Maokai skin, but none the less, it is an honorable achievement.

This past year I have been leveling an account that I used to help my newbie friends and teach them how to play the game. This account, known as ‘MooGaming’ is now Silver 1, currently the same as my main. In hopes, I’ll reach both of these accounts to Gold within a month of me writing this.

I am in very high interest to start playing with some of you people out their and experiencing some time with some players that I don’t know. I am willing to play with anyone on the OCE server as long as you are above level 29 :). Anyway, that’s all from me for now.

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