School? Not now…

Oh well, it’s the end of my 6 week holiday, back to school again tomorrow. It’s felt like it’s gone past so quickly, I haven’t had time to settle down in my own bed haha! One day I’m out camping and then a few days later I’m down chilling at a beach house for a week. It’s been pretty crazy!

I’ve been alongside Dottie this whole holidays and she makes me so happy whenever we’re together. She starts a day after I do which is a bit slack but that’s okay I guess… it’s just an extra 6 hours of extra effort I have to put in than she does 😦

Well, I wish everyone out there, and myself, the best for this year and I hope everyone goes well and performs their best and achieved what they’ve been striving to do all their life! Only 200 more days of school to go.



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