Game: 1


Hello again summoners,

In this matchup, I played Irelia against a Yorrick top lane, taking flash and teleport as my summoners. Sadly, Yorrick took flash and exhaust, so early, I had no possible kill potential. Yorrick got the first kill in our lane on me as he reached a level 3 advantage over me and just simply swamped me with his abilities and little creeps.

My ending score was 7/7/12 and we were successful in defeating the enemy team and coming out on top, to destroy their nexus. The Yorrick ended up going 3/10/2, he made a few mistakes haha.

This was my build order in that game:

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Ninja Tabi
  3. Frozen Heart
  4. Titanic Hydra
  5. Guardian Angel
  6. N/A

I hope to play quite a few more games today to possibly reach Gold 5. I am currently sitting on 50LP in Silver 1 and hopefully I’ll get +25 on both of my next wins!



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