Dottie’s Ocean Week Art Entry

My girlfriend, Dorothea Rose Fattorini Bartlett, decided about a week ago, that she will produce an entry for the Ocean Week Fan art contest! I gave her the idea of course but surprisingly she decided to go along with it and actually draw something that I would submit in her name. Here is what she created:


Now everyone, it would make her so happy to be able to make it onto the shortlist for her little drawing here, so when the time comes, could you please all up-vote “Im the sunshine” or “Dorothea Bartlett”in the Ocean Week Fan Art contest! I hope everyone’s doing well and that’s all from me.



A League of Legends Guide for Newbies


League of Legends is the largest game played in the entire world, with almost 27 million people playing this one game every month. That is insane, and if I am correct, the entire player-base has reached over 100 million people. A game like this deserves some credit, its been alive and thriving for 7 years now and that’s not even including the Beta phase.

Now this game might be just a little bit terrifying for new players as it requires you to learn new techniques, controls, and strategies on the spot with little time to stop and think. I am here to slowly ease you into the horrific depths of what is known as the “Summoner’s Rift” and make the experience a whole lot better for you. Below will be an in-depth list, examples and elaboration so everyone can gain the knowledge I am outputting to you.

Steps to having fun while playing League of Legends

  1. The number one, most important factor about starting a new account, fresh with no knowledge at all, is to play with friends! Friends are already a huge part of your life, as they always will be, but in this situation, friends can down the scary thoughts of league and make everything so much more exciting. When I first started I didn’t have this opportunity, and it took myself a while to get into the jig of things, so promise me on this one…
  2. Just go with the flow… You’ll queue up with your good friend, get all excited, spawn into the game, and then just sit there, waiting. No one really knows what to do when you get into your first game, its a bit wild. Just do exactly what the game tells you to do, or your friend they’ve played a lot before, and this leads me onto my next point…
  3. Enjoy every moment of it, whether you’re constantly dying, losing, or screaming haha, just make sure you enjoy it. If you’re having a tough time trying to have fun, just take a break and turn the computer off for a while and return to it later. If you’re never having fun while playing this game then, why play it in the first place?
  4. Play the champions that interest you, not the ones anyone tells you to. People all around you will tell you how strong some champions are in the current “meta” but you don’t have time for all that bazingo, all you need to do is play the champions you have fun and enjoy playing. In my instance, I played Warwick for a lot of my newbie stage and he served me well…
  5. Never give up, even if you really want to quit. My girlfriend always wants to leave games when she’s died a few times, but don’t let anything stop you. A game can be turned around so quickly, that even one little team-fight can possibly change everything.

What do I do next?

Well now you’re stuck… What are these three lanes for? What do these little minions do? What is the aim of the game? How do we win? Questions like these are probably streaming through your head as you enter the start of your league of legends account and luckily, I’m here to give you all the answers, and more, for you to thrive in the league.

What are the three lanes for? Well, in Summoner’s Rift, there are three main lanes that make up the terrain and ‘map’ of the game. There is the ‘Top’ lane, obviously found at the top of the map, or found on the mini-map in the bottom right-hand corner, the ‘Mid’ lane, and the ‘Bot’ lane, which can also be referred to as ‘Bottom’ but we don’t really say that… Each lane has 3 towers and an inhibitor in which stop you from progressing towards the nexus without getting hurt.

What do the little minions do? Well surprisingly enough, the little minions are one of the most important factors of the entire game and affect how you play out. There are generally 6 minions in each wave, 3 caster or mage minions and 3 fighter minions. Every third wave, there is an additional cannon minion, which is stronger and has more health. Surprisingly enough, these minions are your main source of gold income. There is a technique called “last hitting” in which states that whenever you deal the killing blow on an enemy minion, you gain a small portion of gold, usually ranging from 15-20 per minion. Now it may not seem like much for just one minion, but add it up to when you’ve killed 100 minions, you’ll be scoring yourself around 2000g.

How do we win? Well the game is based around destroying the enemy nexus, which is found at opposing corners of the map. Once you break through the 3 towers and the inhibitor that I mentioned earlier, you then have to destroy two nexus towers that are guarding the main nexus. Once you have destroyed everything in your path, you’re free to take the win. But its not as simple as it sounds. There are a whole team of five individuals playing who are out for the same quest that you uphold in your agenda so stick with the team and be strategic.

Itemization and Abilities

Now, as I mentioned earlier, one of biggest factors of league of legends is the minions, because they give you money, and with money you can buy items and make your champion stronger! But for each individual champion there are different “Builds” that allow the champion to deal as much damage as it possibly can. Now before we start talking about that lets identify champions who use “Ability Power” and “Attack Damage”.

Ability Power or ‘AP’ (abbreviated) is the power level per say of all ‘Mages’ or ‘Casters’ that require this statistic to do damage with their abilities. Mages and Casters tend to be extremely reliant on just their abilities rather than their auto attacks. These champions include some like Annie, Katarina, Ryze, Syndra, or Viktor. The Ability Power indicator will be presented in a green color.

Attack Damage or ‘AD’ (abbreviated) is the stat in which defines how much damage your auto attacks are going to do against enemy champions and minions. Of course attack damage still affects certain champions ability damage, but that’s only if they hold the correct damage ratios. The Attack Damage indicator will be presented in an orange color. Some of these champions include Ashe, Garen, Riven, Irelia, or Master Yi.

Now using this knowledge on Ability Power and Attack Damage, lets look at the types of items you can buy for each of these categories. The starting items for both statistics includes a ‘Doran’s Ring’ for AP champions and a ‘Doran’s Blade’ for AD champions. These items both give the right stats to the respective category. From here you progress to buy items that cost a lot more and will take a little bit of time to save up for. Some major items for AD Champions include Ravenous Hydra, Bloodthirster, Blade of the Ruined King, Black Cleaver or Trinity Force. Some major items for AP Champions include Rabadon’s Deathcap, Luden’s Echo, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Rod of Ages, or the Void Staff.

While building damage items can be a really good strategic attempt in winning, building whats called “Tank” can also be very suitable for your play style. Tank simply refers to a champion in which has a lot of health and defenses and is difficult to kill. Building items with Armor will protect you against AD Champions, while building Magic Resistance will protect you against AP Champions. Some tanky items include Banshee’s Veil, Randuin’s Omen, Spirit Visage, Warmog’s Armor, or Frozen Heart.

Now lets talk Abilities. Each champion holds a set of four main abilities and a unique passive. Now each time you level up in game from collecting experience from killing minions, you are able to level up an ability. The four abilities include your Q, your W, your E, and your R which is also referred to as your “Ultimate”. Your Basic abilities withhold your Q, W, and E, while your R is usually your strongest ability. Each ability has whats called a “Cooldown”. A cooldown is simply a timer in which indicates how long the time is until you can use your ability again. Most basic abilities have a cool-down of around 10 seconds, while the ultimate sometimes reaches 60 seconds. You can upgrade your basic abilities after you level up your champion to any specific level, however you can only upgrade your ultimate at levels 6, 11, and 16. The max level for every champion is 18.

Now that’s all for this guide. I’ve told you the ins and outs and told you how to officially start playing league of legends. How to enjoy playing league, answers to commonly asked questions, and building items and upgrading your abilities. If you have any more questions, use the fill out form below to notify me. Now take all of your new found knowledge and understanding about this game and just go have some fun!



School? Not now…

Oh well, it’s the end of my 6 week holiday, back to school again tomorrow. It’s felt like it’s gone past so quickly, I haven’t had time to settle down in my own bed haha! One day I’m out camping and then a few days later I’m down chilling at a beach house for a week. It’s been pretty crazy!

I’ve been alongside Dottie this whole holidays and she makes me so happy whenever we’re together. She starts a day after I do which is a bit slack but that’s okay I guess… it’s just an extra 6 hours of extra effort I have to put in than she does 😦

Well, I wish everyone out there, and myself, the best for this year and I hope everyone goes well and performs their best and achieved what they’ve been striving to do all their life! Only 200 more days of school to go.


Girlfriend and League?

A few weeks back, my girlfriend, out of the blue, suddenly questions me about the game I play (League of Legends) and I tell her all about it. She continues to follow up conversations about it and she gets very excited to actually start playing with me! This sudden realization made me very happy and she’s successfully reached the amazing level of 9.

As of the current days, my girlfriend Dottie, thinks Annie is the best in the game, and she believes she “smashes with annie”. So I let her play how she wants, guide her through the game, as well as giving her pointers on items and farming creeps etc. Hopefully one day we’ll both be happily duo queuing in ranked and reaching Gold 5 at some point haha!

We’re about to pump out a full on gaming sesh after I post this, it is going to be so fun! We’ll take some pictures and maybe even a recording I can upload to YouTube or just to this blog so everyone can see it 🙂


Game: 1


Hello again summoners,

In this matchup, I played Irelia against a Yorrick top lane, taking flash and teleport as my summoners. Sadly, Yorrick took flash and exhaust, so early, I had no possible kill potential. Yorrick got the first kill in our lane on me as he reached a level 3 advantage over me and just simply swamped me with his abilities and little creeps.

My ending score was 7/7/12 and we were successful in defeating the enemy team and coming out on top, to destroy their nexus. The Yorrick ended up going 3/10/2, he made a few mistakes haha.

This was my build order in that game:

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Ninja Tabi
  3. Frozen Heart
  4. Titanic Hydra
  5. Guardian Angel
  6. N/A

I hope to play quite a few more games today to possibly reach Gold 5. I am currently sitting on 50LP in Silver 1 and hopefully I’ll get +25 on both of my next wins!


Ranked Gameplay

Ranked Statistics

From now on, after every ranked game that I play, on either account, I will be giving you all the details about the match-up and progression of the game and how much LP I lost or gained. This will show my progress in climbing the ranks and it will allow me to see where I have to improve, as well as allowing yourselves to see how I play.

The last game that I played finished around 3 hours ago, and I was duo queuing with my mate Francis or ‘6Fazza9’. We successfully won that game, with my kda reaching 5/2/5 as Irelia, and his score 2/5/4 as Master Yi. You might be able to say that he got carried a little bit by my ass haha. I might play one more game tonight, however it is quite late, being 12:20am on a Saturday morning.

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Welcome Summoners

Dear summoners,

My name is Rain Holloway, but for those who see me as my online identity, I am known as ‘MooGamer’. I’m a student in Australia, playing League of Legends in my free time, while also advocating a majority of my life to being with my beloved girlfriend and making her happy. I’ve been playing league for around 3 years now, since S4 to now, in which is S7 at this point. Last year, I managed to climb to the ranks of Gold 4 and I was rewarded with the disgusting looking Maokai skin, but none the less, it is an honorable achievement.

This past year I have been leveling an account that I used to help my newbie friends and teach them how to play the game. This account, known as ‘MooGaming’ is now Silver 1, currently the same as my main. In hopes, I’ll reach both of these accounts to Gold within a month of me writing this.

I am in very high interest to start playing with some of you people out their and experiencing some time with some players that I don’t know. I am willing to play with anyone on the OCE server as long as you are above level 29 :). Anyway, that’s all from me for now.

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